Dirty Bathrooms Closed to Students



Amid all the new rules being enacted within the school, it’s no surprise that the bathrooms are being affected. The question is why? What many students don’t know is the reason that the administration has decided to close the restrooms.

“We close them when they’re not usable for kids,” Joshua Bates, administrator, said. “This means it can be trashed, which sadly happens a lot of the time; people have torn things off walls and it’s everywhere. The school’s janitors are having trouble keeping up with all of it at once; it just causes a lot of issues,” Bates said.

On the other hand, many students have complaints about the restroom problem.

“I hate it; it’s annoying,” Melissa, a junior,  said.

Student conversations about the issue have increased over the school year, due to frustrations over getting in trouble when using the restroom. One student described his experience.

“In [the] first period, we get put on a timer, but all the bathrooms are closed so I have to race to get to the ones that are open,” said Joshua, a sophomore.

However, students would not want to use a restroom that is dirty. Problems occur when some students vandalize or make messes without cleaning up after themselves. So, what can all students do to help?

Bates said, “Make sure to use the bathrooms for what they’re [intended] for”.

While students have expressed problems with the restrooms being closed, they also shared their experiences with the destruction that happens in them.

“I saw someone getting a haircut once,” said  Joshua.

There is usually a schedule with the janitors cleaning the bathrooms about twice a day when they need the bathrooms to be unoccupied, but there is at least one open 24/7.

“In the mornings, we do keep the commons ones open,” Bates said.

In order to keep the bathrooms usable, students need to clean up after themselves. The janitors work very hard to keep the school in top shape. Students and staff can show their appreciation by keeping the bathrooms clean.

“I like using the bathrooms when they’re clean,” Matt, a senior, shared.