Drill Team Seniors Reflect on Memories and Team Spirit


Brooke Fournier

The Cottonwood Chaparrals wrapped their year up with an outstanding showcase of their talents and hard work. Seniors on the team had the chance to choreograph and perform routines for the last time.

Vice President of the team, Monserrat Hernandez said, “I can’t believe it’s actually over now. After all the years of being on the team, it’s just hard to say goodbye.”

While it was an emotional goodbye for the seniors, the younger girls on the team are excited to return next year.

Sannetta Archuleta, a junior, said, “I’m really going to miss all the seniors, but I’m excited to see how next year goes with the new girls and with competitions. I hope it’s a good senior year for all of us too.”

Upcoming tryout dates will be announced soon during morning announcements and on the @cwooddrillteam on Instagram.