Test Your Might In Cottonwood’s New Arm Wrestling Team!


Logan Cushing, Staff Reporter

This year, the  Cottonwood Arm Wrestling Club was established. Starting in September of 2022, Coach Kahn has been hosting arm wrestling competitions in the weight room, 319. Men, women, boys, and girls,  – everyone, is invited to participate in, quite literally, hand-to-hand combat. Come join us, and see who the real top dog is!

“Arm wrestling may not seem like a sport at all, but when you get into it, you realize that there is so much more to it than just strength,” says Carter Oliphant, club president, and avid weightlifter. “There’s also a lot of technique behind it. And because the club is so new, we’ve only a few consistent members.“

Not all that strong? Feel like you’re not big enough? No worries! Wrestlers are split up and put against each other by weight class, so each person has a fair chance. There’s no need to stay after school, or even come in early, as the Arm Wrestling Club meets every Friday during lunch.

Why should you join? What do you gain from arm wrestling? Carter also said that “Arm wrestling is a fantastic way to improve your general grip strength. A good grip not only permits a confident handshake, but it also comes in handy when working with your hands.”

Coach Kahn understands that the club may not seem that appealing. To that, Coach answers, “I have not yet been defeated, left or right-handed. A few have come close, but none have succeeded. Let that be some incentive for you.”

If you’ve any questions about when or where the arm wrestling team meets, you can email author Logan Cushing (left), or talk with Carter Oliphant (right) or Coach Kahn (middle).