New Teachers at Cottonwood


Nicole Long and Addison Wallace

Cottonwood has gained 25 new teachers this year. Colt Roundup didn’t have time to interview them all, but we were able to get to 6 of them. These new teachers have come to Cottonwood for a range of different reasons. Colt Roundup interviewed them so students could get to know them better!

What’s different about Cottonwood compared to the school you came from?

Ms. Bain: “Too much paper.”

Mr. Robinson: “This is my first time teaching all together, but I did student teaching at Cottonwood and many other schools, but I do like how Cottonwood has a mixed group of students.”

How do you feel navigating the halls? Have you gotten lost?

Señor Blake: “I have gotten it down for the most part.  However, there are still places I have not explored yet.”

Mr. Davies: “The maze is designed on purpose to keep you all confused and distracted so you won’t notice when we arrive.”

Ms. Booth: “I can navigate the halls fine now, but at first I didn’t know where anything was. I kept wondering why I couldn’t find a 500 hall.”

Why did you decide to come to Cottonwood?

Señor Blake: “So that I could continue to teach business courses.  Additionally, I enjoy having longer class periods.”

Mr. Davies: “I was sent to Cottonwood to discover how we might better invade your planet when the mothership arrives.”

Ms. Bain: “I wanted to teach the higher curriculum.”

Mr. Robinson: “I decided to come to Cottonwood because I had student taught here (in college), I’ve met a lot of staff, teachers, and students, and it was one of the best experiences I ever had.”

How long have you been teaching?

Mr. Kingdon: “I’ve been teaching 7th grade math for 12 years.”

Señor Blake: “This is my 5th year of teaching.”

Mr. Davies: “I have been gathering data for 15 years.”

Mr. Robinson: “I’ve been teaching for about 3 weeks now…”

Ms. Booth: “I have been a teacher for many years.  We will leave it at that.  I have taught students in every grade K-12 and teachers too.”

What made you decide to be a teacher?

Mr. Kingdon: “I worked (more like volunteered) as a para-educator at East High and that made me realize I wanted to teach. I took a year off to pursue licensure and an M.Ed. and never looked back.”

Señor Blake: “I enjoy interacting with students and helping them grow. This profession also allows me to spend time with my family.  Furthermore, I really enjoy using computers and the Spanish language in my daily lifestyle.”

Mr. Davies: “It is the perfect cover. All the movies we have seen about your planet show how teenagers defend the planet when the aliens invade because the adults can’t seem to get the job done. We decided to invade the high school first, so I am here learning your ways.”

Mr. Robinson: “I had really good teachers in high school that were not just strictly about  teaching me content, they were more about teaching me about experience, about life, and letting me know that I could continue on even though I wasn’t the greatest of students in high school, but my teachers were extremely inspirational. My AP History teacher really got me interested in being a teacher, myself.”

What do you teach?

Señor Blake: “Spanish 1, Computer Technology, Exploring Computer Science.”

Mr. Davies: “Chemistry…”

Ms. Bain: “I teach Secondary Math 1 Honors and Secondary 2.”

Mr. Robinson: “I am currently teaching 9th grade Geography, and 10th grade World Civilization classes.”

Mr. Kingdon: “I teach math.”

Ms. Booth: “Currently I teach technology and library skills.”

All of these new teachers are ready to start the year, the Colt Roundup Staff hopes you are too!