Homework’s Everlasting effect on Students.


Angel Duran

Homework bringing stress to students.

Angel Duran, Staff writer

Homework is a problem every student stresses about. Many students are concerned about not having enough time to spend with family or friends. Some students make up excuses for not having their homework with them.  Often students say they can’t finish homework because they have a job. Many students claim that homework does not help them learn.  Students and teachers have a variety of thoughts on homework.

In addition to wanting time to focus on jobs and social life, students also have obligations at home. “It’s difficult to do my homework cause I have things to help with around the house,”  said ninth grade student Abigail Matis.

Ms. Watts, one of Cottonwood’s English and AVID teachers wrote via e-mail, “I think homework at the high school level is absolutely critical! Students who want to attend college need practice managing/balancing their time and completing large volumes of work- neither of these is possible if they are only asked to complete classwork during school.

Mr. Affolter, a science teacher at Cottonwood, looks at homework in a different way, “I actually think homework is a discriminatory practice that unfairly targets students from low-income households. Even in my college classes that I teach, most assignments/work that is done at home is done so carelessly or thoughtlessly, it can be considered a waste of time at best and a detriment at worst.” 

Cottonwood goes by an A day/B day schedule, so if a student gets homework from an A day class he or she can finish it on a B day. This means that students have more time to finish their assignment. Some schools go by a different schedule.  Eleventh grader Danny Duran doesn’t feel that different types of schedules matter as far as homework is concerned.  He said, “It hasn’t affected my time as much as it used to, because I have less homework in the beginning of the year.”

Some students can manage to stay on top of their homework. Many find it helps their learning experience. “It prepares you for tests, and quizzes,” said Cottonwood ninth grader, Jessica Romero. Other students think it helps them improve. “It allows you to improve on your work outside of class like practice,” said Tenth grade Andrew Rivas.