Two Grades Face New School

Joshua Parker/Jonathan Flores, Staff Writers

A whole new era in one’s life. A totally different school that you’re walking into. New people, new teachers, and new classes. Cottonwood High School has added 9th grade into the mix of high schoolers. Sophomores are also experiencing their first year of high school . Most of the sophomores at Cottonwood came from junior high schools that had 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. Based on interviews, many of Cottonwood’s freshman and sophomores weren’t really prepared for going into a completely different school that has more classes, different schedules, and different times. Two students, a freshman and a sophomore, were asked how they were adjusting to a different school.

Zayne Montoya, a freshman at Cottonwood, was asked a number of questions by Colt Roundup.

What do you think of Cottonwood high school?

“My opinion on Cottonwood is that it’s a great active school. There’s a bunch of clubs and Sports! It’s a great place to learn and be.” 

How are you getting around the school?

“I’m getting around good. I know where all my classes are. It’s just hard to walk around because of all the people.”

Do you like your teachers?

“Only some. High School is different from Jr high by how many classes there are and you can actually leave for lunch.”

 Have you been getting to your classes on time?

“Yes I’ve been getting to my classes on time everyday.”

Were you prepared for high school?

“I wasn’t because I didn’t care.”  

Who is your favorite teacher?

“My favorite teacher is my health teacher, Mrs. Olsen.”

What is your favorite subject in school?

“My favorite subjects in school right now are yearbook and math.”

 What struggles do you have  coming to school?

“Waking up earlier for school, keeping my work organized, and getting to school on time.”  

Are you having struggles with homework?

“Yes, kind of, because either I’m too lazy to do it or it’s hard or confusing.”

Jaden Koncar, who came from Granite Park Junior High and is now a sophomore at Cottonwood was also interviewed.

What do you think of Cottonwood?

“Cottonwood is a great school. It has friendly people, nice teachers, the courtyard is amazing, I like how it only has one floor.”

How are you getting around the school?

“The school is easy to navigate since all my classes are close by.”

Do you like your teachers?

“All the teachers I have are really nice. Sure, sometimes I get on their nerves when I talk in class, but I’m still a good student.”

What is your favorite subject in school?

“I have a bunch of good classes but my favorite class is P.E.”

What struggles do you have coming to school?

“Some problems that I have with school are not in school. Mostly in the mornings when I wake up late or trying to catch the bus. When I wake up, I usually wake up super tired since I fall asleep kind of late.”

Are you having any struggles with homework?

“I have no problem with homework or anything like that, I just procrastinate to the last minute sometimes, but I still finish and get the grade.”

Anything else you’d like to say?

“I’m very happy and lucky to be at Cottonwood. I still get to see my friends and hang out with them everyday, just like junior high. A lot of my friends moved to other schools like Cyprus and Granger, but I’m still friends with them of course. I plan to finish this year and the rest of high school with amazing grades so I can choose where I go for college. I’m excited to see where my future will take me.”