Haunted Houses In Utah

Addison Wallace, Section Editor

September and October are the best time of the year for haunted houses. Colt Roundup has researched basic facts about some of the most popular and frightening locations in Utah. Which haunted houses should you take the time to visit this Halloween season?

Lagoon is an amusement park that has Frightmares every year. Frightmares is a time during Lagoon’s season when they have haunted houses around the park. Frightmares has many different attractions and actors anxiously waiting to scare guests. Lagoon’s Pioneer Village Scare Zone has been taken over by the town residents who follow visitors as they walk around the cemetery, town hall, and church. Terrors of the Past has different rooms from haunted houses of Lagoon’s past, like The Labyrinth, Nightmare Midway, Haunted High School, Haunted Hollywood, and Deception. Lagoon has also created haunted houses called The Night Walk,  Zombie Lockdown, Fun House of Fear, and the Streetmosphere. The haunted houses opened September 16th and continue until Lagoon closes in November. The cost is $55.96 for a single day pass.

Fear Factory, located at 666 W. and 800 S Salt Lake City, declares that it is truly haunted. It was an abandoned building, and there are many accounts of fatal accidents that have taken place on the property since 1894.  Their hours are Monday-Thursday 7:00PM – 10:00PM, and Friday – Saturday 7:00PM – Midnight. Bounce back any Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for $10. Salt Lake resident, Kelly Wallace, participated in a paranormal investigation of the property that took place in the “off season” and says, “It’s really creepy and the room with the dolls was disturbing. Who likes a room full of dolls?” 

Nightmare on 13th, located at 320 W 1300 S, Salt Lake City,  claims the phantasms are shadows that move giving you the feeling you are not alone, and they feed on your fears. Their website says that they know the fear that comes from their location and have come to feast. It’s now open most weekdays 7:30-10:00, weekends 7:30-midnight, and 7:30-11:00 on October 19-20, and November 4-5. The cost is $25 for one ticket, or $45 for a VIP ticket that lets you skip the line, and $15 each for a group pass.  Kaisa Gibbs, a Cottonwood freshman, says it is tradition to go to Nightmare on 13th every year with her family and friends, “I used to live by it, it’s okay, definitely not the best, I don’t think it is worth the money because it is shorter than most haunted houses and it doesn’t have anything new.” 

Asylum 49, located at 140 E 200 S Tooele,  is Utah’s first full contact haunted house. People can be touched, grabbed, and separated from their group. The website makes it sound like a wide range of things can happen to visitors.  Guests should not have somebody waiting for them, because with all the things they do, this location is very time consuming.   On the other hand they could kick customers out within the first 10 minutes. They do not take anything but cash, and they do not give refunds. It is $25 for a regular pass and $30 to skip to the front of the line. Tuesday-Thursday hours are 7:00pm-10:00pm, Friday-Saturday is 7:00pm-Midnight. They are not open on Mondays or Sundays, and Wednesdays are no contact.
Get a group of friends together and go to these haunted houses, it might be worth it. Maybe you will find a new tradition. Gathering a group of friends and visiting Haunted Houses is a must this Halloween season. Buy tickets while they are open!