Colts are Great Posters.

Angel Duran, staff writer

Cottonwood High school is applying a motto to the 2016-17 school year. The motto “Colts are great” challenges students to do their best in classrooms and around the hallways.  Each letter in the word “great” reminds students of expected behaviors. The letter G reminds students to set goals for their future. R stands for  respecting peers and teachers. E tells students to be engaged and focused on tasks.  The letter A represents accountability. T symbolizes tolerance.   Teachers have posters in their classrooms that explain each class’s interpretation of what it means to be great.

Freshman Jessica Romero says, “I think it is good because it shows how students will give a good impression in classrooms and around the hallways.”

Cottonwood’s SBO adviser, Ms. Thomas commented, “I think it resembles our school and our diversity, and strikes our academic excellence.” With more posters around the school representing Cottonwood, it gives students a better understanding of expected behaviors in classrooms and around the hallways.

New things are added to the school regularly including additional Colts are Great posters. The posters make the school look “great” and show that the school has more pride.