The Beyonders Book Review.

Josh Parker, Staff Writer

The Beyonders is a fictional fantasy series written by Brandon Mull, the author of the well-known series, Fablehaven. The Beyonders was published on March 15th, 2011. The series has 3 books: Beyonders: A World Without Heroes, Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion, and Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy. The story is a third person point of view story about a boy named Jason Walker. He is 13  years old and in 8th grade. Jason wished his life wasn’t so predictable. Until one day, on his job at the zoo, he fell into the hippo tank and was transported into this new strange world he had never seen before called Lyrian. Lyrian is the world of no heroes, and citizens live in fear of the ruthless ruler named Maldor. The brave resistance fighters who once opposed the emperor were either bribed into not opposing or were broken off.

Trying to find a way home, Jason meets a girl named Rachel. She had the same experience as Jason, but she came into the world a different way. With help of a few scattered rebels, they both get tangled in a rebellious and dangerous quest to destroy emperor Malor and their best way to get home is to save Lyrian, the world without heroes.

There have been many reviews for this book. Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series wrote, “Brandon Mull is a wizard with words. With Beyonders, he has conjured one of the most original fantasies I’ve read in years-an irresistible mix of adventure, humor, and magic.”  Barnes and Noble’s web site rated the book a 4.3/5. This is an amazing series with a lot of action and suspense. It’s a great book for young adults worldwide. It was rated as #1 best selling book for The New York Times.