What is the Interact Service Club?

What is the Interact Service Club?

Nicole Long, Staff Writer

Do you know what the Interact Service Club is? The Service Club was started at Cottonwood in 1990. This club is all about helping the community. They go all around the city and complete different tasks to help make the community a better place. The Service Club members love what they do because they help others and put smiles on the faces of the community.  

The Interact Service Club does a lot for the community. Over the years their activities have included picking up garbage,  partying with refugees and those who have special needs, feeding the homeless, and visiting the Humane Society. Helping around the city is an important factor in this club, and if they didn’t do that, imagine what the city would look like now. According to Natalie Lovelady, president of the club, “We do a service project at least once a month, but sometimes we do more.” 

In the middle of making the burritos

The members’ favorite annual project is the Burrito Project. The Burrito Project is an activity where the members go to downtown Salt Lake City, to Frida Bistro, a sophisticated Mexican restaurant, and make burritos and personally deliver them to the homeless. They also do joint activities with other school groups, such as clubs fighting enslavement and working for environmental issues. Another project they have started is collecting money for UNICEF, an international organization that provides clean water, food, vaccines, and other necessities for children in areas of crisis.  This may include refugee camps and extremely poor countries. 

This club is a positive way to help people in need. Colt Roundup interviewed a few members and learned why they joined the club. Kaylynn Martin stated, “I love being with friends and doing service for others….” Colt Roundup also talked to Ms. Perkins, the club adviser, who said, “Students usually have a good time at our activities and often gain insight into problems in our world – and it really doesn’t take that much to help people. A little time can make a big difference.” Teens in the Service Club are making their mark locally and globally. It’s never too late to join the Interact Service Club and make a difference in Salt Lake City or even globally.

If you’re interested in joining the Service Club and helping your community, talk to Ms. Perkins in room 614.