Insights On TV Broadcasting

Insights On TV Broadcasting

Nicole Long, Staff Writer

What is TV Broadcasting, you might ask? Well, TV Broadcasting is the class at Cottonwood High School, that makes and airs the “Kolt News”. Josh Parker, a sophomore in the class, describes the class as “complicated, as well as easy and fun”. This class has many ways of teaching, and all are effective in one way or another.

The main project in this class, is gaining the capability of recording videos and being able to properly stream them. TV Broadcasting student and senior, Jeremy Black, states, “In TV Broadcasting we get ready for Kolt News everyday, whether it’s setting up cameras, scripts, or the intros and outros.” As you can tell, they take their work seriously, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little bit of fun.

The entertainer of the class and junior, Hunter Holtry, says, “I love the class, it’s fun and we can let our minds go wild and use our imagination. There is no limit to what we can do, we show the school the news, and we keep everyone informed. Hate us or love us, we are still important. I love how we can do stuff I enjoy and still be useful!” Professionalism doesn’t have to be involved, just a proper attitude and willingness to do your job.

“I really like being in the studio and streaming live with everyone working together”, said Josh. The atmosphere in the class is always full of positivity. The videos that they get to shoot and edit, are always full of adventure and trying new things, which leaves no room for boredom. Hunter says, “It’s a fun class that’s open to ideas, we are there to teach the teacher, as well as be taught by the teacher.” He clearly states that this class isn’t only about learning on your own, it’s about everyone learning together, and completing work as a team.

The whole reason for this class, is to help students realize the little things in life. They record events that can change everything. Josh explains, “The point is to live stream and tell everyone what’s going on.” TV Broadcasting students learn how to handle responsibility, and they take action for it. They are important in ways many can’t think of, but curiosity and honesty are the main roles that take place in that room of learning. TV Broadcasting is the source of vision and understanding. Acceptance is all this school needs.