The Food Truck Business

Angel Duran, Staff Writer

The food truck business is challenging owners and helping them follow their dreams to own a restaurant.

Food trucks are becoming more popular because of food creativity and unique menus. They can only be found at specific locations and during festivals.

According to, owning a food truck is a lot cheaper than owning a restaurant. Buying a Food truck ranges from about $20,000 to $180,000. But restaurant locations posted on range from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000. The size disparity is what causes such a price difference, but the mobility of food trucks make it worth it. With smaller kitchens it is always a fun surprise to see what chefs can make.

Some people buy food trucks to prepare for actually owning a restaurant. A food truck called Waffle Love is known for their famous sugar waffles.  They have a variety of locations including Salt Lake City, St.George, Bountiful, Provo/Orem, Ogden, and Cottonwood Heights. There is one in Draper coming soon. Brooklin Ficus, a Waffle Love employee said,  “We realized we truly offer something special and unique through our waffles, we wanted to be able to permanently offer our waffles to the communities that have been so supportive to us.”    

Ficus explained that cities and states have different laws that food trucks have to follow. Trucks have to be a specified distance from restaurants, middle schools, and high schools.   Ficus explains, “Each city and county have very specific laws dealing with permits, parking regulations, etc. so we are always careful to make sure we have the correct information for each event.”

The food truck business appears to be a great option for people who want to become involved in the restaurant business.  It also appears to be a great option for those who are hungry.  Nine out 11 Cottonwood students surveyed had positive food truck experiences and said they would go again.

Senior Jasmine Turner exclaimed, “I went to a grilled cheese truck and it was the best grilled cheese of my life. “