The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl Book Review

Addison Wallace, Section Editor

The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl, by Leigh Statham, is about Lady Marguerite, a girl in 17th century France. With a line of suitors and a considerable amount of money, she decides that she doesn’t like her life and follows after her best friend, who she thinks she is in love with, to New France. On the way there, with a friend and her automaton Outil, Marguerite meets Captain Jacques Laviolette who takes an interest in her. On the way to New France they have to face many dangers to survive. Marguerite risks her life multiple times for her companions and learns more about herself.

As you can see, this book has romance wrapped around an adventure. It doesn’t focus very much on the romance, but it’s slowly tied into it. The book contained a lot of adventure, action, and good humor. There were many different directions the book could have gone, but I believe that Leigh Statham laid out the characters and the plot really well. Her creativity is expressed throughout the book, which makes it more enjoyable.

The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl was not what I expected when I started to read. I did not like the main character much in the beginning because of her actions, but slowly, throughout the book, she becomes more and more likable. I was able to guess a few things that would happen, but there were other events that took me by surprise. After I sat down and really started to read it, I couldn’t put it down. There were some boring parts, but every book has some parts that are hard to get through. I liked most of the characters as I learned more about them and started to understand their actions. Overall, I liked the book, and I am looking forward to reading the second one.

Leigh Statham is a new local author who is into steampunk. Other books written by her are The Perilous Journey Of The Much Too Spontaneous Girl, the second book to The Perilous Journey of the not so Innocuous Girl; Daughter4254 and the sequel Imani Unraveled.