Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: The Original Screenplay.


Angel Duran , Staff Writer

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: The Original Screen Play, is a fictional fantasy written by J.K Rowling.

The book is about a man named Newt Scamander. Scamander arrived from Europe and is now in New York with a magical briefcase full of peculiar creatures. He came to New York to talk to a breeder who lives in Appaloosa Puffskeins. Scamander had hoped to keep the breeder’s animals and prevent them from becoming extinct. When he arrived he discovered that a character named Tina Goldstein had closed down the breeder several years earlier. Scamander goes through adventures with Tina Goldstein; Quennie Goldstein, Tina’s sister; and Jacob Kowalski, an aspiring business man.  Jacob is a Muggle or a Nomaj which means, unlike the other characters, he has no magic. 

Part of the conflict involves one of the beasts that Kowalski freed. The beast is called an obscure, and it is roaming around New York. It is described as a black shadow with red eyes that is ruining buildings and causing trouble around New York. Percival Graves, a villain, is using orphan Credence Barebone as a resource to find the obscure.

Tina, Newt, Jacob, and Queenie spend the rest of the book searching for missing creatures in New York in this action packed screenplay.

The back of the book provides information about the author and book design, acknowledgments, a glossary of film terms, and a list of the cast.

The book has earned very good reviews from Barnes and Noble. They have given the book a 4.1 out of five stars. The book’s Hollywood adaptation is also getting great reviews with 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes while receiving four out of five stars.