Loose Ends Tied Up

Loose Ends Tied Up

Addison Wallace and Nicole Long

Have you seen those “Colts are GREAT” posters around the school and in every classroom? Have you wondered why the teachers have been passing out those gold tickets? The posters explain how to get those tickets, which act as currency for the new school store. Colt Roundup has interviewed some Cottonwood staff about what is going on with the store.

The store is called the PBIS Store; it rewards students who have been ‘GREAT.’ PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. If you bring those white or gold tickets, you can buy merchandise from Cottonwood. PBIS is selling things like hoodies, t-shirts, hats, decals, and more; everything they sell is completely original and can’t be bought anywhere else. As the store moves along, there will be more items added.

The posters you see in classrooms are different for every teacher, but they all explain what you should do to earn the tickets. The explanations for ‘GREAT’ can be used as a way to set goals, and when you reach them, you will be rewarded with the tickets.

White tickets are worth more than the golden tickets; ten golden tickets is the same as one white ticket. Ms. Thomas, one of the teachers working on the store, told Colt Roundup, “If the teachers don’t pass them out, just keep bugging them about it.”

The store opened third term and is located in room 109. It is open before school, during lunch, and after school and is run by the student government and the PBIS team. The PBIS team is a group of Cottonwood staff who have been working all year to get the store up and running. The staff members are Ms. Smith, Mr. Southwick, Ms.Thomas, Mr. Blake, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Miller, Ms. Watts, Ms. Berbert,  Mrs. McDonald, Mr. Davies, Mrs. Tonge, and Mr. Affolter. They’ve been working really hard behind the scenes and want to tell you, “We look at the different ways to recognize students for positively contributing to the Colt Community. Too often we focus on the negatives… but all the amazing kids in this school do not get enough recognition for what they are doing right.”

This new addition to Cottonwood is here to help remind you to try your hardest, and to talk with your teachers about setting goals for yourself. Mrs. McDonald told Colt Roundup, “We meet monthly to discuss ways we can improve the school through PBIS.  We would love student input and anyone who has ideas or suggestions can let any of the teachers on the committee know what things they think would help improve our school or student behavior.”