For The Love of Improv

Mazana Boerboom, Staff Writer

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The Valentine’s Improv Show on Thursday, February 16th, was full of theater fans, and people looking for a laugh. The performance lasted about 2 hours and was located in the theater room; it only cost $3 to attend. Improv is a form of theater where the performers have not practiced and must think quickly. They’re given a scene and characters they must act out on the spot to entertain a crowd. The performance is similar to the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

The Cottonwood Improv performance consists of two teams- the red and blue- who compete in games for the most laughter. Team captains, Dylan Daniels, of the Red team and Jacob Huff, of the Blue team, lead their teams at every show.

Improv is a really great group, it really showed me how to think on the spot, and I’m really glad I joined.”

— Nami Eskandarian

Three willing judges are chosen at random from a hat. They score the performances and decide the ultimate winners. Ethan Nevenner, a 6th grade cousin of one of the players, was picked to judge. Ethan said the best part of judging was awarding points to the teams. The red team won with 54 points to the blue’s 44 points.

Audience member, freshmen Jaxon Keyes, said he goes to all the Improv Shows because they’re really funny. His favorite game is the Liar Test. This game is played with two players who are given a scene; another person is chosen for the job of Liar Tester. The Liar Tester is given different sounds to make for lies and for truth. When making the lying noise, the actors performing the scene must adapt and say something new until the Liar Tester is satisfied.

One of the many highlights of the show was a beloved member of the red team, Nami Eskandarian, with a panda hand puppet. It was a tragedy when the puppet died at the end of the first half, just before the break out for intermission. The show was dedicated to his loss, and he was given a memorial before the return to the games. After being asked about how the loss of his beloved puppet affected him, Nami said,”It was like a searing pain through my heart, it was like someone took an animal almost to extinction and stabbed it right through my heart, it was very heartbreaking. Especially with Valentine’s day, it really shows how much we have to love our loved ones before they pass away.”

This show was just one of several performed by the improv team who were chosen through auditions at the beginning of the year. The team gets together every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to a show to play games and practice their quick thinking improv skills. Senior Blue Team member, Raquel Anderson said she enjoys improv because, “You get to go up on stage and make things up as you go, which is improv, and it’s really fun.” Red team member Nami said he joined Improv because “I thought it would be funny. Improv is a really great group, it really showed me how to think on the spot, and I’m really glad I joined.”

To learn more about the improv team visit the Cottonwood Theatre website. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for the next performance!

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