A Positive Drug Test…From a Poppy Seed?


A regular poppy seed muffin. Very delicious.

Joshua Parker, Staff Writer, Photographer

Poppy seeds can cause a positive drug test. This is may sound very unbelievable, but it’s true. Poppy seeds contain morphine and codeine. According to the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), “How well the poppy seeds are cleaned and processed will determine how much morphine residue is on the seeds, and this varies depending on which country the seeds are from as well as how and when they were harvested.”

It is known that morphine and codeine stay in the body for 48 hours and can be detected in urine after eating foods containing poppy seeds. Foods such as cakes, muffins, and pastries commonly contain poppy seeds.

The USADA explains that a poppy seed is an oilseed from the opium poppy. The opium poppy is a kind of flowering plant. These seeds have been harvested from their dried seed pods for thousands of years from many civilizations. Poppy seeds are actually banned in certain countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, and China because of the morphine products. Saudi Arabia banned it because of their religious beliefs.

Discovery Channel’s MythBusters proved that poppy seeds can give a positive drug test. They ate foods with poppy seed bagels and bread. After 30 minutes, they took a urine drug test and were both positive.

Here’s the thing about poppy seeds and drug tests: nobody knows how many seeds it takes to produce a positive drug test. Until more is known, it might be best to play it save around poppy seeds.