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Cash or Card?

Alysia Hunter, Staff Writer

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A lot of people say cash is easier to handle than a card, but how? With cash, you can lose it anywhere, if someone asks for money it’s hard to hide, and it can be stolen. With a card, if you lose it, it can be replaced. If someone asks for money there’s not any cash to see, and if someone steals it, your money will be replaced as well.

Cards are easier to hold onto because your wallet isn’t packed. It is also better because when people look at your wallet, they don’t just see cash. No one can use your card to buy things unless they know your password, and with some cards you have to have a signature as well. If your card is stolen or broken, it can be replaced along with your money.

Money is a lot harder to hold onto because it comes in different amounts. It’s a lot easier to lose or for people to see in a wallet. You can’t carry it in flatter areas, like a small pocket, but you can do that with a card. Some people like to carry a large amount of money, but why not keep it in one piece of plastic that comes back if stolen?

Cash is a lot easier to lose and you can’t get it back; with a card you can lose it and get it back. It’s less stress to carry on your shoulders. If you were robbed and had a safe full of cash, you can’t just get it back. But with a card, you have a password.  If you were to get robbed you would just get a new card.

If someone was to ask for money and you pulled out your wallet full of money, it’s kind of hard to say no. If you pull out a wallet with a card, what are you supposed to give them? If someone is trying to rob you and they look through your wallet, they’re more likely to put a card back rather than money. Your money can be replaced faster with a card, although with money it’s not guaranteed.

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Cash or Card?