Ninth Grade in High School


Freshman Valerie Silva, Megan Meyers, and Rachel Rosenberg

The 2016-17 school year was the first year freshman attended Cottonwood High School, and everybody has different views on if it was a good change or not. Colt Roundup asked Mrs. Roylance why the freshman were moved to high school instead of staying in junior high and she said, “It would give them an opportunity to participate easily in all high school activities and increase graduation rates by having the students’ entire high school experience in one school versus a junior high school and then a high school.”

Colt Roundup has interviewed some students to learn their opinions on the change.

Valerie Silva, a freshman, said, “ I don’t think the ninth graders should have been moved to Cottonwood. Reasons being that some ninth graders haven’t reached the maturity to actually start high school.” She goes on to say, “…also the fact that we were taken out of our comfort zone so quickly was really a shock.”

Sarah Smedberg, also a freshman, disagrees with Valerie. She says, “I disagree, being moved to the high school was a good thing because in junior high there aren’t very many clubs or sports to join like there are in high school. High school gives us more time to explore and figure out what we want to do in the future.”

I hope that they have the new opportunities that the other new students have. ”

— Katie B.

Another freshman, Kaisa Gibbs, has mixed feelings. Kaisa says “ In some ways, I do very much like being in high school, and I’ve met some amazing seniors who have made me who I am, and I wouldn’t have met them if I didn’t come to Cottonwood. However, high school is harder, and it is sad that us freshmen never got to feel like the highest class. If I could, I would choose to stay in junior high for ninth grade, but I’m not exactly upset with the change.”

A sophomore, Nicole Long, thinks it’s a good change. She explains, “It is a good change because ninth grade is where your grades start to count. It was weird having seventh, eighth, and ninth in the same school because two of them didn’t count grades and it makes more sense to have sixth in junior high and ninth in high school.”

Junior Katie B. says, “ My take on the ninth graders moving to Cottonwood is actually quite positive. I hope that they have the new opportunities that the other new students have. I also sincerely hope that high school can mature them more than ever. High school is a great place to learn emotionally, physically, and mentally.”

The ninth grade move to Cottonwood has affected the whole school in different ways. Many people said that it was a good change because it gave the freshman better opportunities but, others said they should have stayed because they, or the school, were not ready for the change.