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Why Do the Majority of Students Loathe Math?

Tony Shindano, Staff Writer

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There seem to be very few people in the world, even people in the scientific/technical fields, who appreciate the beauty of math. It’s gotten to the point that mathematics has been associated with the words “geek and boring” rather than “creative and artistic.” Everybody was born with a brain with the capacity to be anything, nobody is born dumb or intelligent; you need to make a good use of your time and effort to work as hard as you can in order to cultivate intelligence. Many  students think math is a foreign language or subject that is impossible to learn. For example, a study conducted in India surveyed 51 students to obtain data on their mathematics related expectations. The study’s author reported that “among these students, 88% selected mathematics as the subject they hated and only 6% report they like mathematics.”

These students believe math is the hardest subject at school. However, some other students believe that math is easy when you focus in class. Those who go to school everyday see a variety of people with an abundance of varying interests. Based on informal interviews, the vast majority of my friends, colleagues, and other peers just don’t like math. Some students believe it is useless to be taught that x=2 when 12x+7=31.  From the same study that was mentioned earlier, of the 51 students surveyed,  around 42% fail to identify the ways to solve problems provided in their textbook. In other words, they don’t understand the textbook. Is this same type of difficulty is occurring at Cottonwood High School?

Some student become confused when studying math. Math is not a subject that you need to memorize a lot of facts in like history. It is just about knowing the formulas of a given question and understanding how to solve it.  

“Many math teachers teach math poorly because they don’t like math and they do not show any interest in teaching, ” explained a friend who, not surprisingly, would like to remain anonymous. He’s frustrated that that they teach math very fast and give a lot of homework to the students. “Math requires concentration, it requires mental heavy lifting, and a lot of people don’t like to work that hard and others have more aptitude for it than others [sic],” says an eleventh grade student from Cottonwood High School.

According to Wikipedia, students tend to hate math because teachers do not make it fun to learn and struggle to find the topics that grab the student’s attention and apply it to their learning.

A lot of student’s academic weakness is math, butI have noticed that whenever I go to math class, most of the students just go to sleep and others disturb the class.

“I get confused in math class all the time because of counting numbers with the negative and positive sign,” said Adonis, a junior from West High School. Despite that he believes that math inspires us to become what we want to be in the future.

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Why Do the Majority of Students Loathe Math?