Koi Piercing Studio Review

Addison Wallace, Section Editor, Staff Writer

Koi Piercing Studio located at the intersection of 1301 S and 900 E, was the first studio in Utah dedicated to body piercings only. Their website states, “From the beginning, we have insisted on using only the highest quality tools, jewelry, and technique.” When you walk into Koi there are shelves with all different types of jewelry for all different piercings. The staff is very friendly and helpful; they will answer any question and explain clearly how to care for your piercing.

On the way to Koi, I started to feel nervous because I was getting my cartilage pierced for the first time. My mom, friend, and I arrived at Koi, filled out paperwork, and they showed me the jewelry. I was told it would be about an hour wait; there was a line of people before me. We decided to find some food while we waited. When we received a call saying they were ready, we headed back. After that I still sat for another half an hour waiting.

Around the time my nervousness was starting to affect my friend, they called my name. I walked into the piercing room, and the employee cleaned and marked my ear. I sat back and he grabbed the needle. I was scared that it would hurt, but I barely felt it. My mom was so surprised that I didn’t even flinch. The employee told me how to take care of the piercing and gave me a card with the date and his number in case I developed complications.  I went out and paid.

Everyone who worked at the studio was really happy and kind. They knew how to answer all the questions I had, and the person who pierced my ear gave me his phone number telling me to text him with any questions. You can go in anytime and have them check your piercing for free if you are worried that it is infected, and they will help change the jewelry if you need it.

Overall, I really liked going to Koi Piercing Studio to get my ear pierced.