College Diets

Angel Duran, Writer

College students need healthy food to keep them focused in class and engaged during tests and quizzes. 

College students are stereotyped as depending on Ramen noodles. They cost only a couple quarters, so why wouldn’t a student want to buy an inexpensive meal? Unfortunately Ramen is not the healthiest option. It appears that not too many students are able to locate places where they can find affordable quality food.

Cottonwood Avid and English teacher, Ms.Watts’, college diet consisted of hot dogs, Ramen, and Hostess chocolate sandwiches. And that’s the diet of most college students because they don’t have the resources.

Web MD advises people to improve their nutrition by adding fruits and vegetables to their diet.  One suggestions is to buy packaged fresh fruit that is ready to eat. These cut down preparation time. However, US News reports that in a recent survey of 582 college students at Oregon State University, on average students are not even eating a serving of produce a day.

Author Anisha Jheveri has some suggestions to help struggling students. An easy and inexpensive way of making food in your dorm is explained in an article titled “22 Healthy College Recipes You can make in your Dorm Room.”

She suggests making a breakfast cookie in a mug and using whole ingredients such as peanut butter, bananas, and oats to serve as a base for the single serving cookie.

If you don’t trust the ever-popular packaged mac n cheese, make your own by just adding macaroni pasta, shredded cheese, a splash of milk, and place it all into a microwave.

You can also create another quick and healthy meal called the 7.5 minute vegetarian bowl. Purchase pre-cooked brown rice and canned black beans, add Greek yogurt rather than sour cream, and top with cheese and avocado.     

With most of these options awaiting, you can get rid of that Ramen noodle cup and eat something that’s healthy and easy to make.