Mrs. Herbon is Ready to Teach


Josh Parker

Klasina Allred, Staff Writer

Mrs. Herbon, a new teacher here at Cottonwood,  teaches child development and many fashion classes. In an interview, Colt Roundup was able to learn more about her. Herbon grew up in Idaho, where she had three career choices: nurse, receptionist, and teacher. She was first a receptionist, and while good at the job, it did not suit her. So, she decided to become a teacher, which is why she can teach here today.

Before coming to Cottonwood, Herbon was working at Cyprus High School where she also taught child development and fashion classes. When Colt Roundup asked her how long she had been teaching, she jokingly said, “100 years.” She has been teaching for a long time, and she’s not stopping now.

Since she was young, Herbon knew that working with children was what she wanted to do. That is one of the reasons she went into teaching. Her favorite thing about teaching is the teenagers, and she enjoys working with them. As mentioned earlier, she has not always been a teacher, but she is glad that she is now able to do so.

Herbon encourages the students to become anything they want, along with following any career they desire. Even if there are obstacles in your way, she says, “You can do anything,” as she continues to enthusiastically educate and help her students.