Backdrop of Keys to Success


Nicole Long

Illustrated by Nicole Long

Nicole Long, Opinion Section Editor/Staff Writer

All across the state of Utah, many schools participate in an innovative program called Keys To Success. The program is designed to motivate students to work towards individual accomplishments that can improve their education. Students who participate can earn rewards by improving academically or by meeting goals set with their teachers. “Over the past 10 years,” according to the KTS Utah website, “the Keys to Success program has offered over 600 scholarships to Utah students.” Keys to Success introduces putting in hard work to earn a reward.

The Keys to Success program is based around students earning Key Cards. Colt Roundup spoke to Gracie Johnson, SBO Communications officer, about details  of earning a Key Card. She explained, “Teachers have a little piece of paper called a Key Card, that can be earned when students set up a goal with their teachers, and when they accomplish this goal, then they can win prizes with the code on the Key Card through their [Keys to Success Program] website.” When a student earns one, they have 60 days to choose a prize on before it would expire. The prizes vary from gift certificates for Boondocks to vouchers and admission for BYU sporting events. All 9th-12th grade students are eligible to earn Key Cards; however, each student can only earn up to 3 cards each school year.

Ms. Thomas, Cottonwood High School’s SBO Adviser, was interviewed by Colt Roundup, and explained that Keys to Success was created, “to encourage all students to set solid academic goals, reach those goals, and be rewarded for reaching goals.” Recently, the students of Cottonwood found out that Cottonwood is the top school for Keys to Success. Ms. Thomas credited the success to, “Teacher and Student participation. Our teachers and students set and achieve more goals than any other school! Our students greatly benefit from this program.” Students are growing more excited about learning, goal setting, and rewards, thanks to this program. Every student is able to earn a Key Card, so go talk to your teachers and set up some goals!