Teen Jobs


Josh Parker

Many students at Cottonwood have jobs.

After a long day at school, many Cottonwood students get in their cars and go work for several hours, only to wake up early the next day and repeat the routine again. Is this schedule healthy? Do the benefits outweigh the consequences? Should high school students have jobs?

There are many mental benefits derived from having a job. Jobs can help teens feel more responsible and can boost self-esteem. A lot of people think students with jobs are more accountable and trustworthy. Working can help many people, not just teens, appreciate and understand the value of money and how to distribute it throughout their lives. Employment can offer many freedoms like being able to pay for things like cars, food and social activities. These freedoms help students make friends and they can also help build a resume to jump-start a future career. There can also be repercussions to employment.

Some mental concerns about working during the school year are that students have less time to do schoolwork, sports, and extracurricular activities. Many teens are working until eleven or twelve after school and have less time to do homework, relax, have a social life and sleep.  Employment can also increase the amount of stress on students’ daily lives. Time management can also be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

Senior, Mazana Boerboom, told Colt Roundup, “It really depends on the situation, for me I need a car to visit my dad. It’s also a good idea to save for college but I haven’t been able to do that because my car is so expensive. Having a job makes it harder to focus on school and extracurricular activities, which I know colleges look at. It depends on the person’s individual situation.”

There are many pros and cons to having a job, and it can be a hard decision to make. Every student is different and it is up to them to decide if it is worth it or not.