Started from the Bottom; Now we’re Here


Josh Parker

Cottonwood’s XC team poses before their grueling workout.

Anthony Hernandez, Staff Writer

Cottonwood High School hosts one of the coolest sports ever – cross country. XC (cross country) is a long distance running sport, where athletes run up and down mountains or hills. The races can go from 2 to 3.1 miles. The distance depends on where the meet is located.

Cottonwood’s XC team is doing really well this season. They have 26 runners on the team, and their top varsity athletes for boys and girls are Jacob Nielsen and Megan Myers.  Jacob can run a 3 mile race in 15:40, and Megan can run a 5K in 19:09. 

Cottonwood’s XC coach is Jason Baker, also known as Coach Baker. He ran for BYU and now coaches at Cottonwood High School. Baker is putting a lot of effort into the team.  He is changing the program from nothing to champions. He said, “The reason we got up from the bottom wasn’t because I was pushing and not letting them get away with stuff. ‘Cause the culture we’re bringing in is we do this together as one. We fall as a team, we lift up each other as a team, we become champions as a team.”

This cross-country team has participated in over 8 meets from August 17th to October 6th. The meets have gone well for the Colts. On the 23rd of September, the boys and girls of the XC team both won 2nd place – beating other schools who aren’t in their region. Since they won 2nd place, they received 2nd place trophies that are  sitting in Coach Baker’s display case right now. One of their meets, that they can improve on, is the Pre-Region, region 7. The Colts lost to at least 2 or 3 schools that day. However, they have been improving, and when region and state come, they have said, “We will punish those schools who we will never lose to again.”

Now since it’s almost the end of the cross-country season, the Colts have one more event. They are going to be racing state on the 18th of October, where they will show every school in the state how Cottonwood does what they do, and how much improvement has been made this season. Because, like Senior Nate Day said, “We started from the bottom; now we’re here.” Indeed they have and now they will show them all that Cottonwood can accomplish and conquer anything.