Welcome to GSA


Provided by the GSA club.

Klasina Allred, Staff Writer

Cottonwood has many clubs. One of these clubs is the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). The club is a support group for members who are LGBT and straight alike.

GSA presented themselves to the student body during Club Rush on Friday, September 22. They could be seen waving a large rainbow flag above the crowd. Many students crowded to their booth where they handed out prizes and flyers to promote the club. GSA has their own remind system which can be joined by texting @gsaofc to 81010. The club also has an Instagram which is @gsacottonwood.

Colt Roundup asked Sierra Van Beekum, a sophomore at Cottonwood, about the club. She had joined just recently and attended the first meeting. When asked about her experience with the club, she described it as a “cool, positive thing.” Sierra has only been to one meeting so far, but says that it, “Felt really good.”  She enjoyed getting to know people and highly recommends that others join.

The first meeting this year was on Tuesday, September 26. The members introduced themselves through various games. They also played a Kahoot to learn the various LGBT terms. The club meets every Tuesday at 2:30 in room 231. GSA welcomes new members into the club and encourage students to join.