Volleyball Team at High School Level Debated


Myalisa Romero

Collin Smith Serving in volleyball class

Mikkah Pacheco, Reporter

Illustrated by: Mikkah Pacheco

Should Cottonwood High School have a boy’s volleyball team at cottonwood? For years there have been boy’s volleyball teams in other schools and even in official leagues, so why would our school be any different? 

Scott McLaughlin, the volleyball teacher, said, “Well I think that if there are enough people, a club should at least be run, but if there should actually be a team is a bigger issue that has to be taken up at a state level.”

 Even if there is a collective number of students and teachers that are in support of having a team, taking it up at a state level would still be necessary. McLaughlin shares that people who would want to be involved in the team would love it, and others wouldn’t really care. 

Yusuf Hessein, a volleyball student, said, “I don’t know. To be honest—guys take football seriously… baseball, and basketball, and soccer [too]. But volleyball… I don’t feel like people take that as seriously.” 

Hussein’s opinion stands on the possibility that the reason we have a girl’s team and not a boy’s team is that there are more male-dominated sports than female-dominated ones.

¨Volleyball is really fun and I think we’d have a decent amount of players, just as long as we advertise it in like colt news and stuff.” said Riyan Bakrim, when asked if there would be enough students to form a boy´s volleyball team.