Cottonwood Book Club


Mazana Boerboom

First book in The Lunar Chronicles

Interested in reading all types of books? There is a new book club at Cottonwood started by senior, Mazana Boerboom. The club meets on the last Thursday of every month to discuss the book of the month. October’s book was Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Mazana told Colt Roundup, “Cinder is one of my favorites and has an interesting plot, engaging characters… and has something for everyone.” The book club has met once already and played a fun game which got everybody talking about their favorite books. Mazana plans to have the club read a different genre every month and chose Cinder as the first because she wanted the first book to be one that many people might have known and felt comfortable talking about.

When asked what the book club was like, sophomore Kristen Tang stated, “I thought it was fun and nice… [but] I personally have already read the book. I think that it is a good book, but half the club had already read it. I hope they branch out more to books people haven’t read.” Kristen plans on continuing to go to the club for the year.

Cinder is one of my favorites and has an interesting plot, engaging characters, and something for everyone”

— Mazana Boerboom

Colt Roundup also interviewed Valerie Silva about the club, “It was really interesting… full of different minded people which made it really cool. I would go back because all the people seem really friendly and I love books and just being able to talk about them is great.” She is excited to see what other books are chosen this year.

The Cottonwood book club is open to anyone who wants to join and encourages everybody to read and make new friends.