Halloween Safety Help


Provided by Klasina Allred

Klasina and family after carving pumpkins.

Klasina Allred, Staff Writer

Every year on October 31 many parents and children celebrate Halloween. This fun holiday is where people dress up and get candy from others in their neighborhood. This holiday can also be very dangerous if precautions aren’t used.

There are many tips and tricks on how to stay safe. According to safekids.org and cdc.gov the most important thing to do is to make sure you trick or treat with a group. Both websites state that it is a must to be seen and stay in well lit, familiar neighborhoods. Many other helpful tips can be found at both websites.

Colt Roundup asked many students if their parents were worried about them when they went out on Halloween. While some said that their parents were only slightly worried, most said that their parents expressed concern during this holiday. With fears that ranged from tampered candy to simply being lost, there are many things that can turn this happy holiday bad.

Halloween experiences, for some, have gone south in the past. Colt Roundup talked to sophomore Julisa Valdez about one of her Halloween memories. When asked about her worst Halloween memory she told Colt Roundup that while trick-or-treating she was “followed by a man in a car.” Scared and afraid she found herself in an unfamiliar and dimly lit neighborhood. Another sophomore, Jana Womack told Colt Roundup of a time she “got ditched” and was alone on Halloween. Both are scary things that have happened to many kids.

Halloween is a dangerous holiday because so much can go wrong. It is recommended by numerous sources to stay in locations where you are visible to others, stay with your group, and stay in a familiar, well lit area. Remember to stay safe and have a Happy Halloween.