Is Cheer a Sport?


Camille Crawley

Anthony Hernandez, Staff Writer

Here at Cottonwood High School, the school hosts the popular sport cheerleading. Cheerleading is a sport where participants perform athletic skills, jumps, dance and/or chants to gain a response from the crowd at an event. Athletes either do cheerleading to support a school sports team or to simply score points in a cheerleading competition.

UHSAA (Utah High School Activities Association) said that “Cheerleading will not be a sanctioned sport.” The UHSAA doesn’t include cheerleading as a sport because they see it as  “just an activity not a sport.” The UHSAA is the organization for high school athletic and fine arts activities in Utah. This gives them the power to say what is and is not a sport.

The way many students or other people see cheerleading is as a “really cool activity.” They see it as if it’s like any other sport, for example little kids even think that cheer is a sport. Some students also see cheerleading as a hard working activity that is difficult to get into and takes a lot of work and dedication to make the team. Sophomore Sharlyn Reyes Ramirez said, “Yes, cheerleading is a sport because, you do lots of exercise and it’s really fun.”

The way cheerleaders see cheer is as a very tough and hardworking sport. Some cheerleaders aren’t bothered by how the UHSAA says that cheer isn’t a sport. Senior/captain of the cheer team, Maya Kimmel, said, “It doesn’t really bug me as it bugs some other cheerleaders about the whole UHSAA thing. If you believe it’s a sport, good for you!” And the cheer team feels that “Cheer is like any other sport,”  just like Maya said.

Cheer is popular here at Cottonwood High School because a lot of people want to join cheer. There’s a lot of teamwork and effort in the cheer team.  Even at games they lose, they still act as if they were winning. Cheer works hard everyday, they never give up and are very dedicated in their work! The cheer team not only performs at  sports games, but they also go to competitive championships that are held in California. Although the UHSAA says cheer is not a sport, it is because they complete workouts and they participate in competitive championships just like football, baseball, track and many other sports. So this is why Cheer a sport and is the so popular at Cottonwood High School.