Spooks for a Good Cause


First thing seen in the Haunted Hallway.

On October 30th, Cottonwood had its annual Haunted Hallway. Everybody was invited and the entry fee was a box or can of food to be donated to the food pantry. The Haunted Hallway was set up by the theater department and makeup club, and was located below the theater and through some of the music classrooms.

I thought it was fun, and well worth a can of food. The makeup was superb and it was funny to see people I knew playing creepy roles.”

— Mazana Boreboom

As soon as I was in line, I could hear people screaming and doors slamming coming from below the spiraling staircase.  I went through the Haunted Hallway twice, the first time was when they had just started letting people walk through and all the actors were still adapting to their roles. The second time, the actors were prepared and more confident in startling the people.

The makeup club did a very good job. The makeup was impressive, really cool, and scary. I feel like the makeup club worked very hard and is skilled in all types of makeup. The people in the haunted house, the actors, were mainly going for jump scares. They used corners and rooms to aid them in scaring the people walking through. I could tell that everybody was fully into their roles and worked well with each other.

Overall, I would say the Haunted Hallway was a success; they gained a lot of donations for the food pantry and had good setup and makeup. I plan on going back next year to see how it’s changed and improved along with the people involved in it.