There’s an App for That…

Chelssey Blancas showing Instagram

Jamuna Subba

Apps have become essential to our lives, without them our lives would have been very different than how it is now. The first-ever app invented was a game called ‘Snakes’, built into a Nokia 6110 in 1997, according to a website called Inventionland. There are many different apps for many different uses but Instagram is the most used out of all of them, according to Google research.

Some students at Cottonwood were interviewed on what their favorite apps are and why. One of the students that were interviewed was Astrid Roman, a sophomore, who said, “I like Instagram because I can find a lot of different ideas, things that I like for example; makeup, cooking, sports, and fashion. It’s like a news media and I can stay updated with what’s happening with people’s lives.” She also added, “ I like to download social media apps because I can communicate with friends and family who don’t live by and I can get information on what’s happening in their lives.” When asked about the first app she downloaded, “ The first app I downloaded on my phone was Facebook and messenger.” was her response. Roman stated how much she spends on her phone daily, “ In the mornings I spend five to ten minutes on my phone and I check my phone every hour, and after school, I spend an hour and a half on my phone.”

Ganga Subba, a sophomore, was one of the students that were interviewed, “ I like Instagram because there are many different accounts with many different cool pictures,” said Subba, “it’s also a good way to communicate with friends.” The first app she downloaded on her phone was Facebook, “ Because all my relatives have Facebook and it’s an easier way to call or text them.” When she was asked about how long she usually spends on her phone, “ On the weekends it’s about seven to eight hours that I spend on my phone but on the weekdays since I have school, I don’t spend as much time on my phone as I do on the weekends.”

Another student that was also interviewed was Helen Zewdae, a tenth grader, who said, “ My favorite app would be Netflix because there’s a lot of good shows you can watch. I would say I use my phone the whole day but only when I’m not in class that I don’t use my phone.” 

English teacher, Mary Thomas was also interviewed. “My favorite app is the New York Times because it is a fast and accurate way to get the news,¨ said Thomas, “ I think most teenagers probably spend 3 hours or more on their phone daily.”