Beauty and the Beast


Anthony Hernandez

The Beauty and the Beast logo

Anthony Hernandez, Staff writer

Cottonwood High School’s performing arts department performed a play called Beauty and the Beast. The whole play is just like the animation, but in live-action. The play took place in the auditorium here at Cottonwood. It ran from November 30th to December 4th between 7-9:30 pm. It was a lively performance that included the school’s orchestra.

The leading roles in the play involved Sophia Morrill playing as Belle, Jared Evans playing as the beast and Carter Wagstaff playing as Gaston. Their acting skills were over the top amazing. They included lots of singing and dancing and there were great performances by the extras. According to Sophomore Jenessa Whitney, who played a villager, “We spent hours and days on the play. We would even go to rehearsals on Saturdays. And probably the most hard part in my role was Gaston because there was so much going on. The same with Be our Guest. Both had very hard work put into them.  We would go over Gaston a couple of times if we couldn’t get it right.”

The drama department worked really hard on this play. The props were handmade, and took a long time to create. They had lot of rehearsals everyday to make this play perfect,entertaining, and funny for the audience. But overall, the costumes were very impressive because they looked like they were made by professionals, yet they were handmade by the performing arts department. Students  worked on this play from August to November everyday because that’s how dedicated everybody is. The artwork was spectacular.  The performances had so much humor because the actors were so skillful.  When Carter Wagstaff fell off the stage it made the whole audience laugh. Above all, it was ongoing entertainment throughout the whole play – which was quite fun.

The performing arts did an excellent job on the play. They did really well on the setting including how the costumes and props were made. The orchestra was wonderful while playing the music. The stage crew did amazing work and got everything just right like the lights, smoke, and sound system. The actors and actresses worked hard and it really payed off. Overall, everyone did their parts and put in a lot of work to entertain, and they made the audience laugh.