Shatter Me Review

Shatter Me, by Tahereh Mafi, is the first book in the Shatter Me series. It’s about a girl named Juliette Ferrars who has a fatal touch. Ever since Juliette was little, her touch has been deadly. She was taken away from her parents when she was 16 and put into an insane asylum. Then one day, someone from the Reestablishment comes to take her away and plans to use her as a weapon.  The Reestablishment is a government that has taken over the world with promises to make it a better place.  This is Juliette’s chance at freedom and love after a life locked away – if she can only get away.

Find me a cure for these tears, I’d really like to exhale for the first time in my life.”

— Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me is part of a series of three books. Mafi has also written two related novellas and another series coming out in March of this year. The writing in these books is different from any other books I’ve read; it helped me keep interested in the plot because it was something new. There were also many unexpected turns that Mafi decided to add that made the series unique.

There aren’t many main characters in Shatter Me, but the ones involved are very well written. There are full backstories, and half of the time the characters are doing things for the opposite reason you think they are. Mafi was inspired to create one of the characters when she was interested in the capacity for good and evil in humans. Every character goes through some growth and change in this book, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and not many of the characters are flat.

What first inspired me to look at these books were the covers; the art is so eye-catching. I was also surprised about everything that happened and was unable to put it down once I started reading. The books are only about 350 pages each, but there is so much going on that it feels like more. I was very happy with the books, and I can’t wait until the next part of this series comes out.