Are running shoes getting too expensive?


Anthony Hernandez

Old beat up Adidas running shoe

Anthony Hernandez, Staff Writer

Are running shoes getting more expensive than they were in the past? Back in 1982, the average price was in the $30-35 range. However, the price for a regular running shoe is now between $120-$200 a pair. The shoe company that everyone buys is Nike, and their standard running shoes cost $120. People tend to buy expensive running shoes because of their band (Nike, Adidas, New Balance etc.). Coach Baker, the track coach at Cottonwood High School, used to work at Foot Locker and according to him, “Usually they are just because you have to deal with inflation (increase in prices), and that they are trying to add extra stuff to it.”

People buy running shoes to look good, exercise, fashion, or to just simply buy it because of the company. If you take Nike for example, people buy their running shoes not because they are running shoes, but because of the brand name. And people do not realize how much money they are spending on a pair of shoes. Perhaps the running shoe companies need to lower their prices of shoes because there are people out there who want to get fit and exercise, but they don’t have the money for the running shoes.

Running shoe companies like Nike and Adidas should lower their prices. Because, yes, they have good shoes that are good for long or short distance running, but at the same time it’s way too expensive for people to buy. If every shoe company would lower the prices of their good running shoes, they would sell better and it would make a lot of runners happy because they can afford the best running shoes for a better price.