A Ghostly Experience


What could she be looking at? A ghost?

Klasina Allred, Staff Writer

The paranormal is any experience that can’t be scientifically explained. Out of all that is considered paranormal, ghosts are easily the most recognizable. When someone hears a voice in the wind, there is no evidence for or against the idea that it could be a ghost. All around the world, there are claims of paranormal activity. Some are investigated, a few are famous, others are urban legends, and a small chunk of them are random frightening experiences happening to random people.

One woman, Jennifer Simpson, has had her own experience. In an interview she was asked if she believed in ghosts, she said, “Yes, because I’ve felt them.” She told Colt Roundup about one experience that has changed her life. At the time, their washing machine needed to be filled up completely with water before use. This was done while the family was out of the house, on a grocery trip or some other errand. On more than one occasion, the water was not where it was supposed to be when they got back. Upon looking for the missing water, they found that every cup in the house had been filled to the brim with water. This  happened more than once. Because of this, Jennifer has put her cups away upside down since then.

While frightening, this wasn’t the only paranormal experience she has had. As a young child Jennifer lived in what she believed to be a haunted house. A young couple’s child had died in the house prior to her family living there. Jennifer was younger at the time, so the events that took place didn’t scare her as much. However, she does say that it “scared the wits” out of her mother. According to Jennifer, more than once, a series of disturbing events would take place in that house. First, the door would be heard opening then slamming shut. Right after, two voices could be heard talking, but they were not understandable. The house was two stories, and in this series of events the sound of footsteps leading up the stairs to a specific bedroom were clear as day. It doesn’t end there, the most frightening thing was that as soon as the voices and steps reached that room, the sounds of crying and screaming would echo through the house. This would only show to repeat itself. Jennifer’s family, terrified of what was happening in their home, moved out. That house was not lived in again and now serves as a storage for auto parts.

Jennifer  said that the majority of paranormal activity she has experienced in her adult life had to do with her son, who has decided to stay anonymous. When her son was young, he had already been claiming to see or feel things outside of the natural sensory range. His most unbelievable ability is how he can seemingly predict death before it arrives. For example, when a family member died, he claimed to have already known this would happen. When asked how he knows this he said, “It’s a feeling, you just know.” Jennifer’s son told Colt Roundup that these feelings would come about a week before the death. He could always tell who was going to die but never how they were going to die. He didn’t say much more about his own experiences.

Along with this, Jennifer also offered some more info on what she thinks a ghost is. To her, a ghost is “a spirit that’s still trapped on earth.” When she was also asked about the lack of info regarding ghosts, she replied, “I think it would be hard to get evidence.” And as the interview was coming to a close, she said one last thing:  “If you don’t believe it you don’t see it.” Jennifer Simpson is a random person in the big wide world who has seen and heard so many things. This happens all around the world, neither proved nor disproved.