Swim Team


Mikkah Pacheco

Swim team member during practice at the school swimming pool on January 27, 2022

Allysa Marie Fernandez Totanes, Reporter


Illustrated by Mikkah Pacheco

This year’s swim team consisted of fun, welcoming, and skilled swimmers. A few members, including their coach, shared their personal experiences and favorite elements of being part of the team. 



¨Love the environment, it’s just all around love for everyone,¨ Lucia Barrets responded when asked to describe the atmosphere of the team.


Three team members individually shared very similar, positive answers when asked about their favorite component of the sport and the environment surrounding it; resulting in the conclusion of Cottonwood High School´s swim team being a delightful community. 


¨This swim team—it’s literally just like a family; everybody knows each other,¨ said Citlaly Ramirez, ¨so many words to describe swim; I´d say a family.¨ 


Another team member, Caitlyn Neil, also associated the team as a big family. Mentioning the traits of loving, accepting, and supportiveness.