Spirit Week

Allysa Marie Fernandez Totanes, Reporter

Spirit week at Cottonwood High School was an admirable success. Students participated in the themed days that occurred: Meme Monday, Twin Tuesday, Wacky-Hair Wednesday, Anything-but-a-backpack Thursday, and Colt-Pride Friday. These days brought students together—highlighting the school´s spirit. 


“Throughout the school year everyone kind of goes away and does their own little thing,” said Evan Batterman, 12th grade. “I think spirit week benefits the school by getting everyone involved.” 


Three SBOs share the same conclusion that the school was positively affected due to the support and engagement of the student body. Frances Lota, 12th grade, and Lindsay Nelson, are two other SBOs that agree with school pride increasing because of spirit week.


Anything but a backpack Thursday was said to be a favorite,  “During anything but a backpack day, I noticed people acknowledging other people in the hallway that they wouldn’t usually on a regular school day,¨ said Lota. 


“The backpack one was obviously really popular,” said Batterman.


At the end of spirit week, students were able to participate in a Jeopardy game that won them prizes. Students that were drawn came up the stage to answer Cottonwood High School-related questions that eventually won them a box of items. The prizes contained themed items such as skin care products, gift cards, sports equipment, crystals, plane tickets, and more. 


“Even if they got it wrong, they still would have won the box, because if they got chosen we just wanted them to win because they can win by showing school pride throughout the week,” said Lota. 


The participants were either nominated by teachers or involved themselves throughout spirit week.


Peter Mon, 9th grade, chose the bookworm prize, “I really like reading, so I was excited to get the certificates for the gift cards.”

Mikkah Pacheco
Allysa Marie Fernandez Totanes
Mikkah Pacheco
Allysa Marie Fernandez Totanes