Weston Anderson vs The World

Sonja Evans, Staff Writer

“If I was going to change something so big as society, I would put everything into it. I want to change social norms, I struggle with social interactions on a daily basis. I’m in total isolation. The people in the world create unreal standards that the media makes money on. There is no individuality, no one wants to step forward. We are so far from comfort. Someone needs to step up and make a change,” said Weston Anderson.

Weston Chase Salm Anderson is a 17 year old boy who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He loves cars and music. Those are his outlets that he goes to, to escape the hardships of everyday life. Most mornings he struggles to get out of bed; the anxiety of going to school gets to him and leads to inevitable vomiting. “School is supposed to be a positive environment. There is no need to negatively impact a child by invoking fear.” Weston said in an intense tone.  School is one of his biggest struggles in life. “Sometimes it feels never ending.”

Colt Roundup asked Weston what inspired him. “My dad, Opa, (grandpa on his father’s side) then Pink Floyd’s keyboard player Richard Wright. Also being in nature and being underwater!” Weston said with a grin on his face. Weston talks about Richard Wright and how he inspires Weston. Wright helped produce Weston’s favorite album, Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd. “My favorite music includes Wish You Were Here, and the best song off of that album is Shine On You Crazy Diamond 6-9.” That album reminds Weston of his late father Wesley Anderson. Weston’s dad was a huge influence in his life. He taught Weston how to appreciate the natural world, cars, music, and much more.

Weston told Colt Roundup that, “I can’t see myself in 20 years. I don’t have that ability. I want to be living comfortably, in nature. Oh, I want to be retired at 40! I want a big garage that doubles as my sound studio.”  In that garage Weston will listen to artists who influenced him like Mac DeMarco, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, and Dave Brubeck.

Colt Roundup asked Weston where he would see the world in 20 years. “I can give you what I’d like to see or what is probably going to happen. I want to live in a world where people are relaxing. Things are put into perspective, no more overpopulation, and I want everyone to be rocking out to world peace.”  Weston contemplates a wide range of issues. “It will take a long time for internal combustion to die off…. Everything will be dirtier, overpopulation to the max, terrorism, government controlling us even more than they already are, and probably another world war,” Weston said dryly. With Weston’s outlook on the world, maybe we should integrate his philosophies into schools, and into our individual lives. Weston doesn’t want a messed up world, he wants to “rock out to world peace.”