Star Wars Success


Alan Pipkin

Star Wars drawing of Tatooine and Anakin’s light saber.

Alan Pipkin, Staff writer

Star Wars is a very popular sci-fi franchise making about $4 billion a year. Star Wars has had reviews ranging from the lowest 6.5 to an 8.8. The story for Star Wars has long been enjoyed by the Star Wars community, but it seems that not as many people have enjoyed the newer movies.

Said movies include The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Although the movies received 8 stars and 7.2 stars respectively on Rotten Tomato, a movie review website, many fans were mad. According to Kevin Rouler, a fan who manages multiple Star Wars social media sites,  many fans say that it “brings down the story” and “adds too much power to the newest Jedi Rey”.

During an interview with Rouler, Colt Roundup learned many things from him. Rouler said, “I have noticed myself that when the original movies came out after the original trilogy, many people start to get very mad and inconsiderate of how it was made and the process of making a movie, but when it comes out, many people are enjoying the movie, and the movies make millions if not billions of dollars from the movie.”  Rouler is someone who loves the Star Wars franchise and has decided to dedicate a lot of his time to making sure that people know the backstories of every character in the Star Wars universe.

Rouler also stated, “When you look at the ratings that the original trilogy did have the best ratings, but the prequels didn’t do as good, good but not as good. If you look at the sequels plus Rouge One and Solo, the ratings did go up from the prequels. Also, if you look at the amount of money made by each movie, the sequels do have it up there in that department.”

 The Star Wars movies are widely enjoyed by many and make billions a year, but that does not mean that there will never be criticism.