Sports Tryouts


Mary Shaw

track and field team

Allysa Marie Fernandez Totanes, Reporter

Illustrated by Allysa Marie Fernandez Totanes

This year’s sports tryouts got coaches from various sports excited this spring. 


Natalie Wonnacott, softball coach, looked forward to seeing improvements from the girls who have been attending open gym. Wonnacott believes that softball offers being part of a team while also being able to enhance skills individually, ¨Though everyone has to do their part, you can do really well at your part and be able to support your team,¨ said Wonnacott ¨you can cheer your teammate on because if they are doing good that helps you, it doesn’t hurt you; it never hurts if someone else is doing well.¨


An opponent that Jason Baker, track and field coach, considers challenging to go against this year is Stansbury. ¨The goal is to win region but I want them to do it by taking care of each other.” said Baker.


Chris Shelton, baseball coach, expects great effort and support from the tryout members. ¨Just the ability to show that they can compete and can fit in with the group and are not very far behind and have the opportunity to show us that there is a capability of improvement,”  said Shelton.