Fashion Trends


Sarah Smedberg


Fashion flashback – many trends are coming back. According to Vogue Magazine, almost all the 80’s clothes are back in style. Colt Roundup interviewed an 80’s kid, Samatha Golmohammadi, who said, “ Many clothes I wore back then I see many people wearing now a days.”

“All the colors are very popin’, ” says Golmohammadi. Many bright colors have returned. Colors are a way of showing how you feel: yellow can mean you’re happy, where as blue can mean you feel down and sad. The reemergence of bright colors emphasizes the energy and happy vibes of the 80s.

Many clothes such as shoulder pads, tracksuits, mom jeans, and plaid pants are once again a trend. Many of these old styles are reappearing in this generation. No one seems to have a problem with it, and everyone is just going with the flow.

Famous people are wearing what famous actors and models and movie stars wore several decades ago. Vogue Magazine is an example that all the supermodels have brought the old 80’s style to the runway. Everyone who wants a sense in fashion looks up to these models on the runway.

I believe that this generation is taking a step back into time. Clothes have a big part in who we are. Going back to the 80’s style is telling a lot about this generation.  Me personally, I’m very happy with the the style coming back.