Laura Lee’s Tweets

Sara Alshammary, Staff Writer

Laura Ann Lee is a YouTube makeup artist. She has made a handful of makeup videos on YouTube. Lee has 516 million views and counting. Laura Ann is 30 years old and was born on September 1, 1988, in Alabama. Her spouse, Tyler Williams, has stuck by her through all of her internet gossip and is fully committed to his wife. They recently moved to Los Angeles, California.

Laura became big on the internet as makeup guru. Then, her fans went through her Twitter and found some racist tweets from six years ago. One of her tweets included an offensive joke and racial slur about Chinese people. Another included offensive comments about African Americans. In response to the tweets, Trisha Paytas, a Youtuber, said “It’s[the tweets] disgusting… [the tweets] are things you don’t say, like everybody knows better.”

Laura responded by creating an apology video. Her fans and people in her industry felt the video was insincere. Laura then made another apology video about her first apology called “Let’s Chat: 9-25-28.” Laura said to her fans, “I owe you guys a sincere apology.” Laura has yet to apologize to the people she’s offended. She’s only apologized to her fans for not posting on her social media sites. She said, “In my apology video I come off more of a victim, which I’m not a victim in any way form or fashion in this situation.” Laura has taken her apology video down and said, “I have taken the video down because it doesn’t represent me well.  I’m not taking the video down trying to hide it from you guys.” Some of her fans think she took it down because she was embarrassed about what everyone said, and others say she did it for herself.

Laura has lost 1 Million subscribers on her Youtube Channel. Lee has also had public arguments with her husband, Tyler Williams. Tyler has apologized for his wife’s actions.  Laura Lee’s apology video has created a loss of 240,000 Instagram followers in roughly one week, and Laura’s brand partners have left her. Some of the brands were Ulta, Morphe, BoxyCharm, and the sunglass company Diff.

After speaking to some Cottonwood students, 9th grader Andrea (last name withheld) had a lot to say about Laura’s actions. “I think her Youtube Channel should have been shut down” Andrea said. She added, “I think what Laura said should still follow her because she offended a lot of people and different races as well.” Andrea then took it personally and said “I’m Asian, my father is from India, so believe it or not that makes me Asian,” Andrea told Colt Roundup, “ I took it offensively and do not think her apology was sincere.”