Dancing with the Colts

Anthony Hernandez, Staff Writer

Cottonwood hosts a sport with athletes who are “very talented and that is dance company” says sophomore Abigail Higbee. Dance Co. is a type of sport where dancers move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps or choreography. They perform at football games during half time, school night performances, school assemblies, different high schools, and they also perform for colleges like Salt Lake Community College.

Cottonwood’s Dance Co. has practiced from the start of summer, and will continue until their next try outs in May of 2019. The Dance Company performs dances such as hip-hop and jazz, and other modern dances. They practice from the start of 4th period until 3:30 pm every B day. They also complete workouts. An example would be that they focus on modern dances like jazz or hip hop so that they can be the best at what they do.

All the dancers feel loved and happy in Dance Company. Junior McKenna Rivera says, “Dance Company isn’t just dancing, Dance Company is a way of expressing yourself through dance. I feel so happy when I’m dancing, and Dance Company makes me feel like I have a second family.” And dancers like sophomore Diane Bahati said, ”Being on Dance Co. for me is really good because I have been dancing since I was two, so it’s really nice being on Dance Co. for me, and learning different moves. I was raised to do African and hip hop and I loved learning the new stuff like modern and Jazz and it’s a good feel being on dance company.”

Dance Co. has around 31 dancers. The president of Dance Co. is senior Ariana Castaneda, and she leads warm ups with the dancers and helps the dance teacher, Angela Gagliardi-Campos, with things like concerts that are coming up. Also, she hosts banquets all by herself to show people what she does as president of Dance Co. Even though she is the president, she doesn’t see anyone that is the worst at dancing. She says that “everyone is the best dancer in Dance Company.”

Cottonwood’s Dance Co. coach or teacher is Angela Gagliardi-Campos, otherwise known as Angela by the dancers. She used to dance and used to be in drill in high school. She went to the University of Utah and California State Long Beach and earned a master’s degree in dancing. She teaches dance, yoga, and aerobics here at Cottonwood. Gagliardi-Campos helps the young dancers on Dance Co. to be the best they can be at what they do. She wants to help them find their full potential, and to show the rest of Cottonwood how hard they work and how much improvement and success Cottonwood’s Dance Co has been showing since their training over the summer.

The Dance Company so far has performed at the homecoming game at Cottonwood, and performed a show with other schools and colleges on October 29th, 2018 in Cottonwood’s auditorium. They will continue to practice and perform. Like back in the middle of November, they performed at Salt Lake Community College to show the college, and the rest of the other high schools how hard they have worked. Sophomore Haley Handy says that “Cottonwood’s dance Co. is the best at what they do, and that they are not dancing with the stars, they are dancing with the Colts!”