Did Chicken Little Predict the Future?


Leslie Robles

Sunset in Hawaii before the volcano.

Addison Wallace, Editor-in-Chief

In 2017 there were many hurricanes that threatened a myriad of places and people, and 2018 is no different. Hurricane Oscar started on it’s path toward Bermuda and continued to head north and is now on it’s way to Iceland and the British Isles according to CNBC. Another recent one is Hurricane Michael from May of 2018, with 18 recorded deaths as of November 6. There have been over sixteen tropical storms and hurricanes since May of this year. From August there have been fourteen earthquakes with a magnitude above 6.9 which has taken many lives. June 1 through November 30 is hurricane season which, according to EXPRESS ,is caused by the warmer weather which creates lower pressure and allows the atmosphere to be more unstable and results in more hurricanes and storms. Along with all of the hurricanes and earthquakes, comes tsunamis, volcanoes, fires, and floods.

Colt Roundup interviewed senior Aaron Llamas about recent fires near her family’s cabin just outside of Duchesne, Utah. Llamas told Colt Roundup that there have been a lot of fire warnings, and when the fire inevitably happened, it was because people were careless. Llamas said she was scared for the animals that were stuck in fires and flooding and shared a story of how “you can’t see [the horses] hoofs because it was all covered in water, and it was like a good three inches of water.” Llamas’ family tries to visit their cabin every weekend because that’s “our time” and it’s their time to be in nature, but recently there have been many fires and floods due to the dryness of the grass and the rainstorms.

It’s so unfortunate and it’s so scary”

— Leslie Robles

Another student, Valerie Silva, told Colt Roundup about her friend who has been sailing to Australia for the past six months on a trip called the Coconut Milk Run. Silva stressed that she worries for her friend to be sailing so close to the hurricane season. Silva said, “I’ve seen a lot of movies of people getting caught in storms and it usually doesn’t go well. Though I know she would tough it out, it’s still a scary thought.” Her friend is scheduled to arrive back in Utah before Thanksgiving after hopefully reaching Australia safely. Silva also expressed concern for the people in Puerto Rico who went through Hurricane Maria, saying, “It’s terrible that they had to go through the ordeal, but I admire them for not leaving their country in an emergency like that.” According to CNN Hurricane Maria killed 2,975 people in Puerto Rico, which could take years to recover.

Leslie Robles, a frequent traveler, told Colt Roundup about her recent trips to Bali, Singapore, and Japan in September and searching for business opportunities in Hawaii, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Robles said that in the beginning, Hawaii was “a paradise and a new opportunity” for her and her husband, but after a month of living there, the volcano disrupted their plans. After that they decided to visit the East Coast to look for more opportunities a couple weeks before a hurricane hit. Robles claims, “The storms that used to take days to break ground now take just hours and are ten times larger and more powerful causing all the devastation.”

In September, Robles visited Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and Bali. Two weeks after she left, Indonesia was hit with an earthquake and tsunami which wiped out an entire island. She told Colt Roundup, “I don’t understand what’s happening in the world, but I do believe it is all over and it is all due to global warming and the earth’s changes. It’s so unfortunate and it’s so scary, but I do believe it’s going to continue and things will get worse as the Earth decided she’s wanting to change.”

Hindu temples – Leslie Robles

Robles says, “The Hindu people of Bali believe it is the Earth’s way of saying she is unhappy and we have mistreated her. They take it all in stride that this is how the world is.” In other places people believe that all these deaths, caused by natural disasters or not, are signaling it’s the end of a cycle. Or in other words, the end of the world. According to What is My Spirit Animal, the people who follow a Shamanic path look for signs from nature which can indicate a lesson, a harbinger, or a message to bring awareness for something. Everybody’s view is different, but a general view of death represents transitions which could be connected to the end of the world by some.

Some believe it’s the end of the world, others say it’s a sign we need to change. Whatever it is, Llamas, Robles, and Silva agree they don’t think it’s the end, just a sign that we need to change what we are doing to make the world a better place.