Were the Golden Girls Ahead of their Time?


Addie Wallace

Anonymous Golden Girls enthusiast staying golden.

Josh Ball, Staff Writer

Have you ever seen the show, The Golden Girls? The Golden Girls is a classic show from 1985. It showcases 4 main characters, Dorothy, played by Bea Arthur; Rose, played by Betty White; Blanche, played by Rue McClanahan; and Sophia, played by Estelle Getty. The Golden girls is about 4 elderly friends who live through ups and downs together. 

The Golden Girls were very progressive for their time. One episode portrayed a homosexual character who hadn’t come out yet. Being apart of the LGBT community at that time was considered wrong and a sin. In the 80s, divorce was prevalent, but still not considered acceptable.  Blanche is portrayed as a promiscuous person. In the 80s this was not discussed  – especially when it pertained to the elderly population.

The Golden Girls were very popular; they had a huge following. Ninety-four percent of people who watched, liked the show. According to TV.com, they received a rating of 8.7/10. This made their progressive agenda travel quickly. Even today, they still have a huge following of mainly older people.

Currently TV Land still runs The Golden Girls on television. It airs Friday at 3 AM Mountain Standard Time. The Golden Girls actresses have mostly passed away. The only one living is Betty White. She played Rose in the series.

The Golden Girls did not just portray issues that America would face in the coming years; they portrayed issues that were currently problematic. They are named the most progressive show by many. Colt Roundup interviewed 80 year-old Barbara Burton, about this topic. Burton has watched this show for many years, naming it as one of her favorites. Burton said, “The Golden Girls really opened my eyes to a whole new world…Living in Utah I was kind of sheltered, now I know what the rest of the world sees on particular issues.”

The Golden Girls have opened the eyes of many to issues that were not openly discussed in their day. The Golden Girls helped make LGBT marriage a possibility by bringing attention to the topic. They never backed away from an idea that they believed in due to the publicity that they would have received.