The Return Of The Cottonwood Mall

Peyton Jensen, Staff Writer

Have you ever had to wait over 10 mins to make a left turn? I have, I live on Highland Road in Holladay. Highland is a big road that spans very far, but it’s busy. Highland is a two lane road with heavy traffic, and it’s hard to make left turns on. If the traffic wasn’t already bad enough, they are planning on revamping the old Cottonwood Mall along Highland Road. This will result in a lot more traffic in the area, along with many other concerns.

First, let’s talk traffic. According to Deseret News,  in Holladay, “Per square mile, the density was almost equal to what you’d see residential density in New York City….”  The issue with this is that Holladay is not nearly as big and geared towards high density population compared to New York. New York is a massive city with metros and other forms of public transportation. Holladay is a small city and having that many people living in Holladay will be very crowded.

Second, according to The Salt Lake Tribune, there is reportedly a proposed 136 foot tall office tower that could be built. Many locals are opposed to this idea because it would block their view of Mt. Olympus. They also argue that the building wouldn’t fit in with the buildings already in Holladay, as it is much bigger than the other structures.

When interviewed, Kevin Jensen, a Holladay resident, brought up some points about the development . He said, “I think the traffic is bad enough, we have no turn lane, many potholes and it’s very uncomfortable for pedestrians to cross Highland.” If the new development is built, residents are assuming Highland road will have to be re-done. That will increase traffic for the time it is built and it will cost taxpayers extra money. He said, “I am not necessarily opposed to the idea, I just don’t agree with the current plan.” Roads will have to be modernized and the city will have to be geared towards a lot more residents for it to all work out. In general, the Old Cottonwood Mall plan is a very controversial topic. What are your thoughts on it?