High School Students with Jobs


Anita golmohammadi

Angle 11th grader is a High school with a job.

Anita Golmohammadi , Staff Writer

Does working become really stressful when you are also attending  school? Colt Roundup asked Josh Ball, a junior at Cottonwood High School if it is stressful for him to work and go to school at the same time. Josh says, “School gives me more stress then work does.” He told Colt Roundup he doesn’t feel like too much is on his plate. Josh simply enjoys going to work.

Getting your own money in high school is very important. Kids don’t need to ask their parents for money. Many students like paying for their own things. That’s why high school students like having jobs. Having a job is showing you’re independent. “I can buy what I need when I need it,” says Ball. Earning your own money is a key to independence.

Colt Roundup asked Ball where he worked and his reply was, “I work at Cold Stone. It is an ice cream shop I enjoy and so much fun working there.” High school students have many different kinds of jobs from fast food, to coffee shops, to working at the mall, to department stores. Students can get a job from 16 years of age. Some places starting as young as 15 years of age. There are many jobs in the world for high school students.

Employed students often work from after school until night time. We asked Ball how his hours work for his shifts at Cold Stone, and he replied, “I work from 6PM to 9PM. Closing time is 9PM on weekdays and on the weekends 10PM. I do my school work before I have to go into work.”  According to Concordia University’s web site, working late does affect homework completion. Concordia reports that students who work 15-20 hours a week see a decrease in academic performance.

Having a job and going to schools brings a lot of responsibility to kids. It teaches them what the real world is like. Making their own money teaches them how to handle and spend money in their lifetime.