Did you know that Cottonwood has a Preschool?


Sara Alshammary

Cottonwood’s preschool offers a variety of activities to help children learn.

Sara Alshammary, Staff Writer

Did you know that Cottonwood has a preschool? Cottonwood High school has a preschool that consists of 12 kids. Most of the children are 3, but one girl is 4 years old. Cottonwood is one of only a few local high schools that has a preschool. 

Although it’s not a regular topic of discussion among CHS students, most Colts are aware that we have a preschool. Colt Roundup surveyed a total of 100 Cottonwood and Ames students. Seventeen percent had no idea about the preschool and were shocked that preschool children were put in the same school as high school students. They thought it was weird that high school students were the ones teaching the kids.

The preschool, which is called an ECE (Early Childhood Education), does a lot for the kids. The high school students are given a seasonal topic. They teach their topic with a craft. Then they play with the preschoolers and prepare their snacks. The kids will clean up after themselves during “cleaning time” and organize their toys.

Mrs. Rex is the preschool teacher and has been for years.  Mrs. Herbon is the high school teacher who trains Cottonwood students before they start teaching and working with the kids. The student teachers have to pass quizzes before working with the kids. The student teachers wear their aprons and name tags which is required by the Utah law.

Colt Roundup asked if it is hard working with the kids? Junior Kaisa Gibbs is one of the head teachers, and she said, “It usually goes very smoothly and the kids love the teachers, but kids will always have tantrums, but you have to cooperate with them.” Colt Roundup asked Gibbs if she enjoyed working with the kids and she said, “All the kids are precious and adorable with amazing personalities.”